One certainty I’ve found from life is kids need to be entertained! After spending countless weekends traveling outside of Coventry to take our little girl Bella to various roleplay villages it suddenly dawned on us how amazing it would be to have a safe place for creative play closer to home, that’s where our journey begins… (And yes, she does have a mini boutique named after her!)

First step find a home and Coventry’s Rialto Plaza became an instant favourite for us. The iconic building is rich in entertainment history having opened as the ‘Rialto Theatre’ 93 years ago! Our specialist builders got right to work creating Little Lane, Coventry’s very first dedicated role play village!

Having a little one myself I know how important a child’s early development is, when children can learn through play, it helps them to flourish and gain the freedom to develop skills at their own pace.

Our mission is to provide a friendly welcoming environment for children, encouraging stimulating and meaningful play where your little ones can use their imaginations, and have fun discovering different magical role play situations centred on their own first-hand experiences.